My Beloved Uncles


Following the disappearance of his uncle Israel Amerusi from Pardes Katz some 65 years ago, the film's director returns to the neighborhood. In his search he turns to his relatives: Uncle Gavriel, who was just released after 35 years in and out of prison; Uncle Aryeh, wallowing in thoughts on his mother's sofa; and Uncle Uri who makes a living collecting iron and looking for a relationship to rescue him from his loneliness. A story of the broken dreams and disappointments of the people who remained in the neighborhood, left to suffer the pain of non-integration into Israeli society.

Supported by Joshua Rabinovich Film Fund, Yes Documentary Channel, Gesher Film Fund, Ostrovsky Film Fund, Mifal Hapis.

"In his film My Beloved Uncles assisted by a distinctive and riveting cinematic language director Eran Barak shows us the fragile circular reality of life, that always underscores its inherent loss. And by means of his uncles – desperate to find their place, love, and redemption"
Cinema South Documentary Program

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Film Festivals and Screenings and sales

פרדס כ"ץ אהובתי - הקרנות מרץ My Beloved Uncles Screenings
2/3 סינמטק תל אביב 18:00 Tel Aviv Cinemateque 2/3 18:00
5/3 סינמטק תל אביב 15:00 Tel Aviv Cinemateque 5/3 15:00
9/3 סינמטק ראש פינה 19:00 בנוכחות הבמאי Rosh Pina Cinemateque 9/3 19:00
12/3 מתנ״ס מצפה רמון 20:30 בנוכחות הבמאי Mitzpe Ramon 12/3 20:30
16/3 סינמטק שדרות 19:00 בנוכחות הבמאי Sderot Cinemateque 16/3 19:00
19/3 סינמטק תל אביב 15:00 בנוכחות הבמאי Tel Aviv Cinemateque 19/3 15:00
23/3 סינמטק הרצליה 19:00 בנוכחות הבמאי Herzeliya Cinemateque 23/3

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My Beloved Uncles at Haifa Film Festival Documentary Competition.

My Beloved Uncles at Cinema South Film Festival Documentary Program

Toronto Jewish Film Festival

Berlin Jewish Film Festival